About Me: Declaring bias

This post will appear in some form in my About page.

BBC journalist Dave Lee raised an issue which caught my eye on Twitter this morning. Is your impartiality compromised by who you follow on Twitter?

Well something that’s always frustrated me is vain attempts to act impartial. No human being is impartial, it is an unnatural and unnerving state for someone to have no personal opinion. What every journalist should try to be is fair, not impartial. 

Part of that I feel involves declaring your interests to your audience. If someone who declares themselves as a Conservative supporter writes something, I can view it through that lens. It may be somewhat misleading if that is not known.

So in practicing what I preach, here are my interests:

I believe myself to be mostly aligned with the policies of the Liberal Democrat party. I voted for Greg Mulholland in Leeds North West in 2005 on an anti-war ticket. In 2010 I voted for Allan Knox in Ribble Valley. However, I feel let down by the Liberal Democrats and will be hesitant to vote for them again. I am now considering voting Labour.

I am not, nor do I ever intend to be, a member of any political party. I am a pragmatist. Any party can win my vote based on their manifesto and whether I trust them.

University has made me more right wing. Weirdly.

I am AV agnostic, but I will be voting YES to send a message to the government that I disapprove of them.

I am a practising Roman Catholic but this does not inform my political or scientific views. I am pro-choice, pro-same sex marriage and I am frustrated by the Vatican’s stance on birth control, especially in relation to the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

I buy The Times and Guardian newspapers but try to read all of the quality British press online.

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Interviews South Carolina Tea Party. Extreme amounts of crazy.

On my recent trip to Ohio, me and my wife actually came across a tea party rally in the square of a town called Medina. My wife implored me to interview the people there. I didn’t, but I can imagine the responses are similar.

Daniel Bentley