Entering the Public Domain

After reading this statement by tech evangelist and blogger Robert Scoble, I made the decision to make all my photos on Flickr and the words and images on this blog public domain.  That means I waived the right to assert any copyright on my words or images. But why?

The words on this blog and the images on my Flickr aren't making me any money, and they are not supposed to.  The web was made possible because people put content out there, without charging anyone to see it.  Wikipedia, now in its 10th year, was made possible by people donating their time, donating their knowledge and donating their CreativeCommons or public domain images.

I'm doing it to be a good citizen of the web. I don't claim to be a great photographer by any stretch of the imagination, but if I happen to have a photo useful to anyone, they can use it with or without attribution.  I made the decision to go CC0 (public domain) and not a typical non-commercial Creative Commons licence because I really don't care if I'm attributed or not. People who are good citizens of the web will attribute anyway as they would any CC image or content.  But some people never will, and that's fine, I'm just happy to have been of use.

The web is made better the more we open ourselves, share, and have access to ideas and content.  This is me, doing my bit.


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