Net neutrality for journalists. Why it matters.

Net neutrality is an issue we should all be paying attention to.  Net neutrality is the proposal that all information on the internet should be free and open, and not subject to control by ISPs, government and content providers.  If the net were not neutral, networks could slow down access to some video sites, while speeding the performance of commercial partners.  Essentially, people in different countries, on different ISPs, get a different internet.

In his draft Bill of Rights in Cyberspace, Jeff Jarvis states:

All bits are created equal

This matters to all citizens of the internet.  But non-net neutrality could have implications for journalists and news media orgs.  If ISPs were allowed to operate in a non-neutral manner, then it’s no stretch to imagine Sky Broadband promoting Sky and News Corp sites over the BBC and commercial rivals.

The chair of the US Federal Communications Commision, effectively their Ofcom, Julis Genachowski, has expressed in far more eloquent words than my own why net neutrality is important, and why the web is under thread.


Net neutrality statement by Julius Genachowski, the FCC chair, on Dec. 21, 2010

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