Media Quotes of 2010 by @jonslattery

TheMediaBriefing have an excellent collection of quotes on the media compiled by freelance journalist Jon Slattery. Every Friday on his blog he picks out the best of the week, and these are his best of the year.  

My particular favourites are: 


Guardian’s Nick Davies at the City University debate on the News of the World and phone-hacking: “I should start off by apologising to the News of the World, in a way I feel sorry for them. It’s sheer fluke and bad luck that particular newspaper is the subject of all this attention. It’s just because one journalist [Royal correspondent] Clive Goodman got caught… All of us know very well that illegal activity was going on in most Fleet Street newsrooms.

followed by

Ex-News of the World journalist Paul McMullan also at the City University debate on phone-hacking: “I remember seeing an episode of Friends where somebody did it to Monica’s phone.


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