#Delicious-ly disappointing

So Yahoo! may or may not be scrapping social bookmarking site Delicious. But it’s clearly not part of their plans anymore and will most likely sold on or released as open source. When it was leaked that Yahoo! were “sunsetting” Delicious, twitter went bezerk.  The type of people I saw most disappointed site was shutting down, were exactly the types of people I would have expected to use it.  

Over the last 12 months Delicious has become a core of my workflow.  Whether it blogging, researching articles or researching for my degree, it has a plentitude of uses.
I tag any page I think would be useful for the university newspaper “pluto” and I can easily access and share my tags with a link to http://delicious.com/djbentley/pluto . Similarly when researching the media of South Africa, a tag of “samedia”, made finding the sites later incredibly easy.

Unfortunately, it’s a site that isn’t easily monetised, especially with a community of free users.  The rival startup http://pinboard.in charges for signups and touts itself as the “anti-social bookmarking site”. It has a very clean interface (Delicious has become increasingly cluttered) but unfortunately it does not have the community of linksharers Delicious has.

Paul Bradshaw at the OnlineJournalismBlog.com has produced a great roundup of alternative sites. Paul has creatively used crowdsourcing, in the form of a Google spreadsheet to get his twitter/blog followers to help root out which may be the best alternative.

But hopefully, if Yahoo sees sense, we may not need an alternative.

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