Chrome OS is for my mother and me

The announcement of Chrome OS and the release of the development hardware the Cr48 has been met with much derision. “Why would I use this? I can’t do this on it…” etc.

But there’s one person Chrome OS is perfect for, my mum. My Mum is 48 years old and only this year did I teach her how to email and browse the web. She runs a holiday cottage and needed to learn the skills for taking and tracking bookings.

I taught her GMail as her email client and Google Calendar to keep track of bookings. This cloud approach meant I could see bookings and emails when my mum was away and handle them for her.

This is all my Mum does. Browse the web, check her emails, use Google calendar. The rest of the operating system on her Mac mini is a hindrance and a confusion. She doesn’t need to or want to learn how to compose on Garageband, edit video in iMovie. She just wants the web.

I’m a heavy user of my Macbook Pro but today I tested myself. How do I use my computer? I gave myself a Chrome OS challenge. I modified Chrome so it went fullscreen, hid my dock and the Apple menu bar and I have lived inside the browser. Not once, all day, have I exited this view.

TweetDeck for Chrome more than adequately handles my communication needs. I have a pin for GMail, for Calendar and for Reader. I’m not a big listener of my music on my computer anyway, but I’m able to play the occasional song on YouTube. If there was a Spotify web interface, it’d kill iTunes for me.

I do use video and photo editing software on a semi-regular basis, and that’s when I’d need a full featured OS. Ideally I’d dual boot, mostly into the instant on Chrome OS, and fire up OS X for more heavy duty tasks.

People will continue to sneer, but I’m extremely excited by Chrome OS

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