Cheating Foursquare to tell a story

Popular geolocation site/app/game Foursquare can be cheated. Right now I could check in to the The Luxor, Las Vegas and in 5 minutes I could into Luxor, Egypt.  This is open to abuse. When Foursquare offered mayor specials to Dominos Pizza in the UK, I tried cheating to become mayor of my local Dominos (I soon got bored and gave up).

But what if as a journalist or media org, I could cheat Foursquare to tell a story. For example if I were writing for Blog Preston and I had a council story. I could check in at the Town Hall with a link to my news story and post that to twitter. I then have a location and social network tied to my story. A national news organisation could map the country or even the world with their stories.

The possibilities are numerous for this. Foursquare checkin data can be exported as a feed and used as map data. Below are my recent checkins as viewed on Google Maps.

A hyperlocal news site could integrate this map data to show where their news stories are originating from. It’d be really interesting to read local news but also have a sense of where they’re happening in relation to me. It would make local news that much more immersive.

I welcome any critique of this idea in my comments or tweets to @djbentley. Or please gladly link me to people already implementing this.

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