Excuse the Silence: Personal News

Excuse my lack of post-election blogging but in all honesty I was a little burnt out. Before the election there were things to be excited about, afterwards I felt disengaged from it all.

But now I have things to be very, very excited about.

Pluto – UCLan’s Student newspaper is getting a much needed redesign, in paper and online. Dave Stubbings will be taking over as News Editor and has appointed myself and Hannah Breeze as his deputies. We’re very keen to move the news section forward to something genuinely interesting and engaging to the student population of Preston. We’re aiming for close ties with the Student Union and in turn in the students themselves.

BlogPreston – A tale of serendipity. A snowball of events led from a prospective enquiry for media access to the general election count at Preston Guild Hall. Within hours we were covering the event for BlogPreston. Now I’m involved with BlogPreston in an area which genuinely excites me, podcasting.

With the help of the unapologetically enthusiastic Sean McGinty of BBC Radio Lancashire, a contact made from that serendipitous night at Preston Guild Hall, I will hopefully be pulling off the podcast I envisaged.

I think a local site like BlogPreston will benefit greatly from a podcast, a format I personally find extremely engaging. Hopefully it will generate more traffic for the site and the site drive listeners for me. Also I can’t wait for the invaluable broadcasting experience I’ll hopefully acquire from Sean. I’m bursting with ideas and can’t wait to get started.

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