Krishnan Guru-Murthy: “The debates have been massively overhyped.”

Earlier today I spoke to the chair of “Ask the Chancellors” Krishnan Guru-Murthy about the importance of the debates in the General Election.

He said: “I think all the debates have been massively overhyped. I think our interview with the Chancellors was a really interesting hour of television which showed the three men up against each other. It gave you another set of parameters on which to judge.

“But it mustn’t be overstated. The leaders’ debates probably won’t dramatically change things. They’ll be written up as hugely significant events because everyone is focused on them.”

“I will personally be very surprised if huge numbers of people are going to change the way they are going to vote based on these television debates. Apart from anything else with the leaders’ debates the rules are so strict that it’s going to be very hard to really reveal greatly new things.

Every person is going to go in with one objective which is not screw up.”

There will be three Prime Ministerial debates in the run-up the election.

The first debate, screened on ITV1 and moderated by Alastair Stewart, will be filmed in the North West of England and will be based on domestic affairs.

The second debate will be screened on Sky News and moderated by Adam Boulton. It’ll be filmed in the South-West and discuss international affairs.

The final debate will be screened on BBC1, moderated by David Dimbleby, and will focus on economic affairs. The programme will be based in the Midlands.

2 thoughts on “Krishnan Guru-Murthy: “The debates have been massively overhyped.”

  1. I think that potentially, there could be a lot that the leaders debate will change, mainly relating to public perception of each party. Not of David Cameron, and not of Brown, but of Clegg.He has the chance to go out on a limb, and really set out some policy. He has the most to gain from this. I think he will lose out if he plays it safe. Now is not the time for pussyfooting around issues, and he’ll be in stark contrast to the other two if he actually spells things out. This is the Lib Dems’ best opportunity for years, and they can ill afford to squander it…

  2. He could not have summed it up better. The debates will definitely get votes for the Lib Dems’ but realistically people will no doubt go for the big hitters, the best Clegg can hope for is that come the next election he will have a Lib Dem party that could win (watch this space).

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