New media will augment with and enhance traditional quality media.

I made a point in this brief take on the future of journalism, that rather than replace traditional media, new media will augment with and enhance traditional media.

Director of POLIS at LSE, Charlie Beckett, in a draft article on ‘quality’ journalism in the digital age makes a more expanded argument for this.

He speaks of the ways in which networked/ social/ new media can add quality to rather than detract from traditional quality media.

Beckett writes:

Networked Journalism creates ‘quality’ by adding value to news in three ways.

1. Editorial diversity: it creates more substantial and varied news

2. Connectivity and Interactivity: it distributes news in different ways

3. Relevance: it relates to audiences and subjects in ways that create new ethical and editorial relationships to news

Those already mourning the death of the quality newspaper are missing the point entirely.  Guttenberg’s press was the death of monks writing copies of the Bible, not the Bible itself.  The newspaper isn’t the product, the journalism is.

New media whether it be comments on an article, the spreading of content via links or contributions from citizens enhances and engages people with journalism.

Co-founder of Wired, Kevin Kelly, wrote in 2008 “Where attention flows, money follows“.  Bring people to your website, have engaging content, interactivity and the ability to share that content. The money will come and the quality remain high.

One thought on “New media will augment with and enhance traditional quality media.

  1. I think that this all point to finding the niche area for each type of media to work.We no longer go to newspapers for all our content, there are now other outlets which provide the information faster and in a better format. I’m a (possibly naive) believer that people will always pay for quality content. Or at least they should be, as it’s a product like anyone else. The culture of free can be fairly damaging, I feel.

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